For emergency plumbing, after-hours plumbing, weekend plumbing, or any of your plumbing needs, call (240) 355-9084

Plumbing services

Whether you need a new hot water system, drains unblocked, or gas fitting repairs and installation, we do it all. For all plumbing services, call  (240) 355-9084.

Need a plumber NOW for emergency plumbing repairs? We do that too!  After-hours plumbing and weekend plumbing are included in our full range of plumbing services.


Our most popular plumbing services include;

                                ·     Gas fitting – leaks,
                                      ·     Leaking and burst pipe repairs
                                      ·     Blocked drain repairs
                                      ·     Hot water systems and installation
                                      ·     Toilet repairs and installation
                                      ·     Appliance installation

                                      ·     Showerheads
                                      ·     Tap repairs and installation repairs


We offer shower head or shower valve replaced. Note: if a wall needs to be cut, we can do it but the owner needs to hire own contractor to patch out back the wall.

Dryer installed with additional work:  galvanized pipe replaced for black pipe,  new shut off valve installed and replaced outside termination door or flapper.


Appliances installation

We do also offer any kind of custom work for your appliances as shown over here, we increased cut out space and rebuilt a platform base to support the new oven.

Blocked drains

Have you noticed:

                             -     Unpleasant odors coming from your drains.

                             -     Gurgling sounds in your pipes.

                             -     Sinks, showers, basins or tubs are slow to drain.

                             -     Water levels in your toilet seem too high or too low – or overflowing completely.

                             -      Low water pressure.

                             -     Water pooling around the outside of your property.


These are all signs that your property may have blocked drains. The sooner any potential hazards are addressed, the better. Neglecting these symptoms can lead to much bigger problems down the track. Blocked drains are not only bad for your health, but they can also cause major damage to your property, which can be costly to fix!

Some of our services include:

                            -    Electric drain cleaning

                            -    Hydro-jet drain cleaning

                            -    Stormwater drain cleaning

                            -    Sewer drain camera solutions

Water heater

JEG's Plumbing, the specialist hot water plumbers, can help you with all your hot water needs. This includes helping you choose the right hot water system for your home or business. There are so many different hot water systems available on the market today. Together we can discuss the different fuel types, your family size and system size, running costs, and where the hot water unit will be located.

Is your existing hot water unit leaking? Or, your hot water not working at all? JEG's licensed plumbers are skilled professionals in repairing and replacing all kinds of hot water heater systems. These include:

                               -   Electric hot water systems

                               -   Gas water heater systems

                               -   Tankles/Electric/Gas water heater


Gas fitter

Our qualified and licensed plumbers ensure all gas fitting work is properly commissioned and will issue you with a certificate of compliance.

We provide a full range of gas fitting services including; installation, leak detection, repairs, disconnection, and maintenance for:

                                           -   Gas hot water systems

                                           -   Gas barbeques

                                           -   Gas Ovens

                                           -   Gas hot plates or cooktops

                                           -   Gas Stoves

We have been providing quality gas fitting services for more than 16 years. Therefore, we have the knowledge and expertise to install and repair any gas appliance brand or model.


A gas range installed and gas pipes relocated. As showing how it was installed before, would never pass inspection according to most of the new county's regulations.


We are able to repair or replace all major toilets and cisterns.

Is your toilet leaking? Do you have a blocked toilet? Is your entire toilet suite or cistern in need of replacement or any kind of repair?

Your toilet can be repaired or replaced today!

We can repair or replace your entire toilet suite, or simply just replace or repair your cistern, at a convenient time for you. We’re even open after hours –  our plumbers are available 24x7 for emergency repairs.

We carry an extensive assortment of parts to repair and service most commonly used makes and models of toilet suites.

Our plumbers carry toilet suites, cisterns, cistern cocks, ball valves, and most cistern rubbers. This means that in most cases we can fix your toilet on the spot!


Leaking pipes

If you have a burst pipe, you can’t afford to wait for days or even hours for your plumber to arrive. Burst pipes can cause hundreds of liters of water to flow into your property every hour, so there’s no time to waste. JEG Plumbing can be at your door within the hour. We’re equipped and ready to tackle those burst pipe repairs at any time of day, any day of the week – even public holidays.

With more than 16 years of’ plumbing expertise,JEG Plumbing has the experience and skill to handle all types of burst pipe emergencies. We can repair and replace:

                                 -   Galvanised pipes

                                 -   PVC pipes

                                 -   Poly pipes

                                 -   Copper pipes

                                 -   PEX pipes

                                 -   Clay pipes

Time is crucial when dealing with a burst pipe, so we make sure we don’t waste any.

Leaking traps

Trap Repairs

There is nothing worse than a leaking or dripping tap. Should you encounter a leaking tap washer or your taps have become tight in turning on JEG Plumbing will have the right solution. Tapware repairs can be carried out on most makes and models. We use and recommend hydro seal tap washers on all tapware as they are far longer lasting. JEG's policy is that we always reseat existing tapware resulting in a clean new surface for the new washer to seat on.

Mixer Traps

Each of our vans carries a basin mixer tap and a kitchen sink mixer tap, so replacement of your existing mixer tap can easily be done without having to attend our suppliers.