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Plumbing Services

Whether you need a new hot water system, drains unblocked, or gas fitting repairs and installation, we do it all. For all plumbing services, call  (240) 610-7999.

Need a plumber NOW for emergency plumbing repairs? We do that too!  After-hours plumbing and weekend plumbing are included in our full range of plumbing services.


Our most popular plumbing services include;

                                ·     Gas fitting – leaks,                                                                                                                         ·     Toilet repairs and installation


                                      ·     Leaking and burst pipe repairs                                                                                         ·     Appliance installation


                                      ·     Blocked drain repairs                                                                                                                 ·     Showerheads


                                      ·     Hot water systems and installation                                                                              ·     Tap repairs and installation repairs

We offer shower head or shower valve replaced. Note: if a wall needs to be cut, we can do it but the owner needs to hire own contractor to patch out back the wall.

Dryer installed with additional work:  galvanized pipe replaced for black pipe,  new shut off valve installed and replaced outside termination door or flapper.

Gas Leak.png
hot water.png
toilet rep.png
applianc inst.png
shower headas.png


Appliances installation

We do also offer any kind of custom work for your appliances as shown over here, we increased cut out space and rebuilt a platform base to support the new oven.